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Most people are interested in the chapters and topics at the top of the list under “The Way Church Was Meant To Be”. Understood, that’s why people come to this website.

However, I feel that “Mysteries of the Kingdom” is a much more important work. It took me half of a lifetime to learn the truths that are explained in  “Mysteries of the Kingdom”. As a whole, I feel we have become very shallow in our Christianity. Many believers I meet demonstrate that they have very limited experience in “tasting” of the true presence and reality of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  Sure,  many people know things about Jesus (many things), but to actually know Him… in the deepest way possible… and on a daily basis,  is such a different thing.

It has been the primary focus of my life to know Jesus Christ in this way. Although other people have their callings and giftings in very important things – which ARE truly beneficial indeed, I’ve personally not learned much about popular bible doctrines.

I only hunger to deeply know my Lord and taste of Him everyday.  Certainly in Him is all the wisdom, all the truth, all the revelation, and all the knowing I’ll ever need.  I am quite content to only know Christ.

I hope that you will gain something beneficial as you read the chapters in “Mysteries of the Kingdom”. I feel it is certainly the most important piece of writing I’ll ever accomplish during my lifetime.


-Terry Stanley




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