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If you are already with others, then begin with establishing some beach heads (refer to beach head chapter) in various areas to gain ground in the Spirit. You can establish beach heads in prayer, scripture reading, worship, etc. However, you may be completely alone. Many times, people have the desire to meet in a simpler way but they aren’t sure where to start.

The best place to start is with hospitality. Simply invite a family or two over to your house. It doesn’t have to be a big production. It doesn’t need some sort of higher approval, nor does it need to be official. You don’t need to establish by-laws. You don’t need to have a set agenda or a schedule. You don’t even need a plan. You can even start by inviting a brother or sister over for a coffee or organize a camping trip. Build relationships that are focused on God.

The point is not how to get together with people, that’s common sense. It’s what to do when you are with people. Having an outgoing attitude and being somewhat hospitable will allow you to be around plenty of people. As you are hanging out with others, you have to learn how to touch the Lord together. Depending on where the other people are at in their heart and relationship with God, will depend on how far they will go with you and how long it will take. Building relationships takes time. But eventually, and if they are willing, you all can open the Bible, pray together, worship, and share hearts.

Begin by just eating supper together. Talk, visit, and share what the Lord has been doing and showing each of you in your lives. Take turns reading a few verses in a particular passage. Talk about those passages, pray together and worship with songs. After a couple of meals together, use a few of the questions in the following chapter to turn the focus to deeper things.

As you meet non-Christians in everyday life, invite them over for a monthly discussion in your home that deals with controversial issues. Questions like, “Why does God let children in poor countries starve and die? How could a loving God send people to Hell? Do you really have to go to church to go to Heaven?” Unsaved people love this kind of stuff. Over time you can build relationships. Some of them will be born again and be a part of the church in your house. You can even encourage others to open their homes so you can move around where you meet.

As you continue to open your home and others join you, over time things will change. Organically (naturally), things will evolve and change as the Lord leads. Be flexible, don’t force anything, focus on Jesus, and enjoy New Testament body life!

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