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Adam and Eve

September 10th, 2014

“she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” Genesis 3:6

 Adam put up no resistance whatsoever when his wife gave him fruit that would “open their eyes” in spite of what God commanded him.  Eve was calling the shots and subtly causing her husband to submit to her DESIRE. She began seeking happiness outside of what her husband and God had for her in the Garden. She exploited Adam’s weakness, which was giving in to her desires, and to submitting to her desire. By eating FIRST and causing her own death, Eve had the perfect plan. She could have wisdom and her desire and bring her husband with her but only if she ate first. Adam would not let Eve die alone even though he was not deceived according to Paul. He chose her over the Lord, chose her over all the whole world and brothers and sisters that would come from her womb, even choosing to die with her in her deception and sin.

 Adam chose to die with Eve, and justified it by his love for her. But it was not love nor a loving act to eat of the fruit and die with his wife. It was direct disobedience and defiance of the Lord and his clear will for Adam. It was a choice of death. But Adam had a choice to make at the moment his wife ate the fruit.  He could stand up for what God clearly told him or he could choose his wife. Adam obviously feared being alone when his wife became seduced by the Devil, for he chose not to be alone in their deception. Adam put his need of companionship over everything. It was pure selfishness. Adam was not deceived by the serpent, but that doesn’t mean he did not sin. His sin was even more egregious because of his lack of deception. He knew what he was doing.

Eve subtly put Adam in a precarious position. She knew by her eating of the fruit that she would be forcing Adam to falsely choose dying with her or being alone. Eve chose happiness and wisdom. Adam chose Eve. No woman should ever put her husband in that position nor should a man do it to his wife. Adam would not, however, had died alone. He had the Lord. And the Lord was all he needed if put in that position.

-Steve McCalip

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