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Home Church Help

April 17th, 2020

Why Home Church?

Home Church provides a simple and wonderful alternative to attending traditional church. The churches in the New Testament were home churches. Throughout the centuries, many people have met in homes. There are millions of people having church in homes today, but you rarely hear of them because they are not advertised or high profile. There are many reasons to have church in homes. Here are a few of the primary reasons:

1. Home church is Biblical.

2. The essence of Christianity is easily accomplished in simple and uncomplicated settings.

3. Group participation with all people functioning should be the primary dynamic of any church meeting (1 Cor. Chapter 14), This is the backbone of the home church setting.

4. Connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships is easily accomplished in a home church atmosphere.

5. “Being the church” and sharing life together in community with others, instead of just attending a meeting, is the desire and purpose of most people who home church.

The challenge to people who want to participate in home church is to be able to “undo” what they’ve been taught church is really all about. Prayer, worship, reading scripture, outreach, encouraging one another, and sharing life together in real and meaningful ways are all part of the home church experience.

What this site is about and How it is Organized

This web site is provided to help those who are wanting more out of church life and more out of Christianity. It has been authored by people who are experienced in home church and who have been active participants in home church for over 30 years now. The authors of this site are not “home church gurus” who have little or no experience, yet set themselves up as authorities on home church. Everything written is from experience and from years of living in community with other families and deep relationships.

This site consist of two types of “articles”. The first are book chapters. The second are posts. Book chapters are listed on the left side of the screen. Book chapters don’t change and new ones are not added. Posts are listed down the center of the screen (you are reading a post now). New posts are added frequently. Older posts that are not more recent, but still relevant, are archived. You can access the archived posts listed by month by clicking the link toward the top right of the screen.

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Home Church Discussion

You can comment on any posts. Also feel free to post your general comments  to the discussion link for this site. We are really interested to know your comments and where you are from. You will be joining conversations with other people who are interested in home church like yourself. Thanks so much for sharing your story and asking questions to the house church community.

Book Offers

We would like to say loud and clear that we are not trying to make money by selling books. As mentioned, the books that are offered here are free on this website. But we do encourage people to order paper copies of the books so they will be passed around to friends and family members. We feel that if people have the information in physical book form, many more people will eventually read the material.

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Book Offers

The chapters for the two books above are free to access on this site on the left side of your screen. If you prefer a hard copy, click on the book image above to order.

Newest Book!

"From the Head to the Heart" is an intense and extremely detailed study on experiencing intimacy with Christ. Prepare to rediscover the passion and joy of the Spirit and to learn how to experience the depths of God's love in your daily walk DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY HERE

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An Amazing Testimony

This is an incredible story of redemption of the man Daniel Wrentz who was delivered from 30 years of torture by the power of God.

The Redemptive Story of Daniel Wrentz

Love Letter

Love Letter is an excellent book explaining how we've missed the passionate message of God's word. Click on the cover image below for a free pdf copy.

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